I wrote & directed for Chomp Chomp Comedy, a video sketch group in Brooklyn, NY.

A coworker lays it all bare for the holiday season. - Directed and Co-Wrote

A young Republican learns the true meaning of diversity. - Wrote and Directed

A tough investigators wakes up buried alive with a surprise. - Directed & Co-Wrote

A man finds himself in a world of inescapable Christmas music - Wrote & Directed

A couple comes unhinged looking for parking. - Wrote & Directed

A new host sits in with the wake up disc jockeys - Wrote & Directed

One man has finally had enough at this open mic. - Directed & Co-wrote

A hard-nosed detective learns the truth about NYC's stink - Wrote and Directed

Bob Marley's lawyer is a patient man. - Directed & Co-wrote